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Join 100’s of pregnant ladies and new mums as they reduce their fear of birthing and improve the look and feel of their post baby bodies….with my revolutionary Birth to Baby Programme

1) Are you scared about birthing?

2) Do you feel fit enough to cope with late pregnancy, birthing and motherhood?

3) Are you worried about how your post baby body will look and feel post birthing?

If you want to birth with confidence you will need to be mentally, physically, and emotionally fit for the birthing olympics. A great time to start to prepare your body in this way is from 30 weeks gestation. 

If you want to improve your postnatal recovery you will need to know not only what exercises to do but what lifestyle changes to make. This part of the programme is from delivery to 6 weeks post baby. 

If these things are what you want to know more about then this is the programme for you.

Now listen up as I have some exciting news for you.

Here’s why…

My name is Lynda Lovatt, I am a Registered nurse, personal trainer and a mother of two children. I had one vaginal and one caesarean birth. There was so many things I could have done to improve my birth experience and postnatal recovery, but I wasn’t informed…

I just went ahead, without enough knowledge, and birthed.

My first birth was hard, I was overdue, my baby was posterior (not favourable for birthing), I was induced and had a ventouse delivery with a second degree tear.

I was so put off by the experience that I decided to have an elective caesarean (not an easy option) for my next birth….but it didn’t need to be this way.

If I had known…

• How to position your baby to be anterior in your pelvis not posterior, this would be so much easier to birth.
• Why is induction necessary and what can happen if you choose that path eg, slowed birth, decreased bonding, instrumental delivery. 
• How to prepare your perineum for delivery (the tissues between your back passage and vagina) so they can stretch more efficiently.
• That c-section is major surgery and you need to know how to recover. 

Things could have been different for me and I could have made better choices. 

Postnatally I felt…

• Sore as I was torn post vaginal birth, and very sore after c-section.
• Like my tummy was loose and it looked like jelly.
• Constipated and quite nervous about passing motions.
• Low in energy as I had bled a lot post birth and my iron levels were down.

I could have done so much more to feel ENERGIZED and STRONG

Things like…

• Eating beautifully prepared meals full of the right nutrition to heal my body.
• Learning about what had happened to my tummy and the easy ways to make it look and feel better quickly.
• Learning how to sit on the toilet a specific way to make a motion easier to pass.
• Managing my low iron levels better to avoid constipation (from iron pills) and improve my stamina.

I would have recovered SO MUCH FITTER AND STRONGER than you could ever imagine….but I didn’t know what to do.
Introducing to you my revolutionary Birth to Baby Programme
I am offering you the Birth to Baby programme to help you to improve your birth experience and postnatal recovery, by providing you with the exact tools you need to optimise this amazing time of your life.  

You will learn how to feel confident to birth and feel and look great in the postnatal period. How amazing is that?

This is what you get in my Birth to Baby Programme:

Simple yet effective exercises to prepare your body for birthing and make it feel great toned and strong afterwards.
Quick and easy ways your partner and family can help you through this time. You will need to upsize your army of helpers during this time.
Beautifully shot videos that show you exactly the steps to take right away.
• Self directed programme that you can use when it suits you.

If you are on the fence right now and wondering whether this is the right programme for you, ask yourself…

What do you really want in your life right now?
How would feeling confident and fully prepared for birth and motherhood feel to you?

The trouble is you don’t know what you don’t know, and I am here full of experience to tell you all about it. Let’s not be scared to birth but turn this around to feeling full of confidence to nail this thing and see your beautiful baby at the end of it. Let’s make sure you have all the tools in your kit bag to survive those first few weeks as a new mum, and have you starting to safely look fitter and stronger. There is so much you will learn to prepare you in my Birth to Newborn baby programme. 
What our customers are saying about Puff Fitness:
"I undertook a pregnancy program with Lynda and cannot fault her enthusiasm, knowledge and support during this period. I only wish that I had found PUFF Fitness earlier! Lynda genuinely cares about supporting women with her holistic fitness program and I am looking forward to joining her postnatal program.” - Amelia

“It’s very good - feel much more confident returning to my normal exercise training. It is very nice to be progressively improving and healing and getting stronger.” - Shyla

“After the birth of my second child, I was very run down. I was stuck in a cycle of having no energy or strength and being very susceptible to injury. Lynda's class was the perfect place to start the healing process and regain my strength; it was a safe environment of appropriate exercises and lots of support. I just wish I'd started there sooner. I recommend the class to all post natal mums and suggest that you don't wait until you are feeling better to go, go so that you do feel better.” - Suzanne
Here are the reasons why you should join this programme: 

• Not only will you feel confident for birthing and motherhood, you will also be very well educated and informed to make decisions for your birth and postnatal care.
• This coaching programme won’t be difficult or time consuming. I have designed the programme to make it easy for you to fit it around your lifestyle.

This really is the go to programme to prepare you for birthing and postnatal recovery. 

Special offer….limited availability 

My programme is valued at $200 per month but I am offering it to you for $99.

If you are serious about maximising your results, by improving your birth experience and transforming the way you feel in the postnatal period then this is for you.

The programme is available from September the 10th 2018. I am only taking 10 ladies into the programme.

Usually I would charge $200 per month for this….however it is a brand new programme. I am offering it to you at a 50% reduction so it will only cost you $99 per month.

Before the slots are filled up, I suggest you click on the button below to secure your place and start transforming your birth experience and postnatal recovery NOW!


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